Beta cyfluthrin datasheet

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Beta cyfluthrin datasheet

Beta- beta Cyfluthrin | Buy from the Brand Leader in Analytical datasheet Reference Standards! 03 mg/ l Exposure time: 4 h Determined in the form of liquid aerosol. 01 mg/ m3 ( TWAEV) OES BCS*. Acute toxicity studies have been bridged from a similar cyfluthrin formulation containing approximately twice the percentage of active ingredient. Beta cyfluthrin datasheet.

Cyfluthrin is a mixture of 8 isomers, comprising 4 diastereoisomeric pairs. EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL PROTECTION datasheet 8. Control parameters Update Basis Beta- cyfluthrin. Beta- cyfluthrin contains the two active diastereoisomers. 0 / USA Revision Date: 03/ 20/ Print Date: 04/ 01/ Information on toxicological effects Acute oral toxicity LD50 ( female rat) > 1, 044 mg/ kg Acute inhalation toxicity LC50 ( rat) > 2. datasheet Show this safety data sheet to the. Cyfluthrin and beta- cyfluthrin are in the pyrethroid class of chemicals.
Bayer Environmental Science Page 4 of 4 SAFETY DATA SHEET Hazardous components which must be listed on the label: Beta- cyfluthrin, Imidacloprid Bayer Environmental Science SAFETY DATA SHEET TEMPRID® datasheet SC INSECTICIDE 7/ 11 Version 2. Acute toxicity studies have not been performed on Baythroid XL containing beta- cyfluthrin the enriched isomer mixture of the active ingredient cyfluthrin. 1 Control parameters Components CAS- No.

Beta datasheet

Beta- cyfluthrin is the refined form of the synthetic pyrethroid, cyfluthrin, which is currently in use in a number of formulations in Australia and around the world. Cyfluthrin consists of a mix of four basic forms, or isomers. Two of these are more biologically active than the others and have been isolated and concentrated to create beta. Safety Data Sheet Report Date 07- Sep- 17 Page 2 of 5 Other ingredients, including: Proprietary 87. 14 Proprietary solvent Proprietary 55- 60 CyclohexanoneEmulsifiers Proprietary 5- 10 4. First Aid Measures Eye: Hold eyes open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15 to 20 minutes.

beta cyfluthrin datasheet

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ( MSDS) MSDS: B8472 This MSDS should be attached or kept with the respective product with which it is associated. Neurotoxicity: In a 13 week neurotoxicity screening study, beta- Cyfluthrin was administered to rats at dietary concentrations of 30, 125, or 400 ppm. Effects observed included reduced body weight and food consumption, ataxia, repetitive chewing and pawing, increased activity and reactivity, and red nasal stain.